Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bring Over Your Work Boots!

We are now 17 weeks into the baby creating business. So far so good! I have been so fortunate not to have experienced much sickness. In fact very little nausea only mild lower back pains and heartburn.
Now that I have step foot into the second trimester and the crucial part of making the major organs and bones is over, we are now onto the maintaining and maturing stage. So I feel that we shall start preparing the room as much as possible. Which means if you come to our house bring your work boots. The only room that we lack for our home to be primarily complete is the baby room. We will put laminate floors down, new baseboards, and hang the freshly painted closet door. Fortunately we have already painted the walls the color we wanted. Man oh Man this list is big. To add to the list, this past weekend, my parents brought over my old crib and high chair. We will sand and stain these dark walnut or ebony color (not sure just yet). Also, my Aunt Sharon is going to lend us her bassinette that has been in our family for almost 50 years. The bassinet is white wicker and approximately 100 years old or better. I know that there are a few minor repairs to do to the bassinette, but I just LOVE the nostalgia piece

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