Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bows, Ribbion, Lace, Flowers, Tea Parties....

That is correct; these are all the things that we have to look forward to. IT’S A GIRL!!!

Cole and I found out on March 30th and after calling all of our families, I broke down into tears... “We don’t have a name picked out” I cried. You would have thought the world was ending. I can admit it now, HORMONES, they got the best of me...again. Poor ol’ Cole?!?!..

I just saw this task to be so vital! This is something that this poor sole is born into the world with. And yes, unlike the color of your eyes or height, the child can change her name later in life, but I really want her name to be something that she can embrace and be proud of, something that she can say “wow my parents really took a lot of consideration and love in naming me”. So with that weighing heavily on our minds, and the fact that Cole and I also have a few traditions we wanted to carry on: Such as my Mom, Mary Lou named both of her girls double names such as Abigail my sister and Katybeth, well ME!! And Cole wanted to include his twin brother’s middle name in there as well.. “Lee”. Thank goodness his name isnt Muriel (For my "Friends" Fans, Chandler M. Bing) This isn’t to taxing you may say, but “GAWLEE” (hey, I didn’t think of that one) It was.

So after nearly a month of contemplating, taking in all of our considerations (both rational and un), reading baby name books, “googleing” to see if there are arrest warrants(or something worse) out there for the name we “liked”, we have made our decision... Lillian Lee. BUT Hold the press, we still have not made a firm, put it in ink, get things monogrammed decision on the spelling of Lillian, but that to will come too, RIGHT? We are considering doing Lilyann, Liliann or any other variation.

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