Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fred Flintstone feet are attractive. Right?

My feet, my poor feet. They stay swollen, and the only thing that seems to reduce their size is Water! Not just drinking alot of water, but soaking them in cool water. That is why on Sunday, I spent the majority of the day swimming in our pool. We got it cleaned out of all the leaves and blooms that have grace themselves in our luxury. All four of us, Hondo, Cole, myself and Lillian swam until we collapsed that night. It was great.

So after our swimming excursion, we wanted to get Hondo’s hair out of the pool, so we turned on the pump to start sucking it out only to find out that all the leaves and crap have clogged our line. Now the pool is green and gross again., we are waiting on a pool man to come fix us for real.

Thirsty Thursday

Well my idea of Thirsty Thursday has changed quite drastically in the last 7 1/2 months. It use to consist of Cole and I sipping on a few cold ones on our patio. Not just limited to Thursday mind you.

Now, Thirsty Thursday (still not limited to Thursday) consist of my new insulated tumblers filled to the top with ice water.